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 Does anybody use a trailer on long trips?

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PostSubject: Does anybody use a trailer on long trips?   Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:07 pm

After a pleasant few weeks in France this summer chugging slowly up various hills with the family bikes on a rack on the tow bar I was considering buying a trailer. I could then sit the bikes on top of the trailer and transfer a reasonable amount of other weight from the van into it + allow the kids a bit of room. I know these vans can take quite some weight but I did feel that Isla was working hard on the Autoroutes - it is not as if you can travel too fast for a trailer!

Has anybody else done this and do they have any recommends for a suitable trailer pse?
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PostSubject: Re: Does anybody use a trailer on long trips?   Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:10 am

When we go camping I tow this clicky link thing

You are limited to 500kg, and it is an unbraked trailer, but for camping I find most of the stuff I carry is light, but bulky.

With a trailer you become a long combination, and the poor turning circle starts to become noticeable. Towing in a straight line is quite comfortable, and it does tend to damp down the cross wind gusts.

I suppose I should talk about acceleration and braking, but other than the obvious its not a fast van, and you'll take long to stop, I've not noticed any difference towing or not towing.

By the way, I've got an HGV class 1, and although I have driven with very big and heavy loads, I've never felt unsafe towing with the camper.
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Does anybody use a trailer on long trips?
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