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 Wiring diagrams for Brazilian T2's, 1.4 water cooled?

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PostSubject: Wiring diagrams for Brazilian T2's, 1.4 water cooled?   Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:06 pm

Hi All,
Just joined yesterday, have a 1977 T2 (imported from Texas so absolutely solid) but came without engine/gearbox.
Have provisionally bought engine/box out of a crashed 2008 T2c but wiring loom has been chopped, looks like most of engine loom if not all present along with ecu, looks complete ready to fit, breaker said although came without keys they got it running by hotwiring it so musnt have immobiliser?
Probably wiring will be fairly straight forward but i cant find any info or wiring diagram in case need to find out where wires go and which to connect to fuse box and throttle (told is fly by wire) and what the cut section goes to (probably not engine related but not sure)

If anyone knows where to get a workshop manual or if any wiring diagrams available on-line i have missed would appreciate letting me know.
Breaker has kindly let me ponder on purchase over weekend so hoping can find out info before Monday if possible?

Many thanks,
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PostSubject: Re: Wiring diagrams for Brazilian T2's, 1.4 water cooled?   Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:45 pm

Have you tried ElsaWin, it is available to download if you Google it. I think you can download it for free, but I paid a fiver or so a few years back, there are complete wiring diagrams on it for whichever year/model you specify also covers maintenance and repair procedures.

If you are going down the route of fitting a 1.4 watercooled may be worth getting as many ancillary bits as you can off the donor vehicle as possible. The accelerator (which is fly by wire) and the rear valance which is different from an air cooled, in that it has the rear engine mount bolted to it as a couple of examples, probably many more.

A couple of forum members have put different engines in, may be worth checking their posts as an alternative, Michel-bonn used a Subaru, and dazdub has put a diesel one in.
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Wiring diagrams for Brazilian T2's, 1.4 water cooled?
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