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 Popped my Danbury Top today

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Roof - Popped my Danbury Top today Empty
PostSubject: Popped my Danbury Top today   Roof - Popped my Danbury Top today EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 7:02 pm

I popped my top today for the first time this year and had a bit of a clean up under where the roof has been sitting all winter. I also pulled off the black braiding around the edge of the poptop and cleaned it all up. Then I went to pull the roof back down - and I thought - I wonder if any other Danbury owners have a definitive way of closing their roof. I know you should always make sure the sides are not trapped by the roof but I do find myself going backwards and forwards in the van to make sure it's all snug and nowhere is the canvas caught. Anyone got a particular method of bringing down their Danbury top easily?

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Roof - Popped my Danbury Top today Melogo11
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Roof - Popped my Danbury Top today Empty
PostSubject: Raising roof operation   Roof - Popped my Danbury Top today EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 4:12 pm

We suggest always do the front of the roof first (lifting up or closing) and check the outer sides are inside the gutters and remove any canvass from the area where the catches are first. If the roof has not been raisied for a while the gas struts may 'stick' if so just compress the strut down and it will release...Dont just force the roof up if a gas lifting strut is stuck :-)
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Popped my Danbury Top today
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