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 Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers

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PostSubject: Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers   kombi - Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers EmptySun Jun 02, 2013 10:08 pm

Here are the questions and answers from this weekend's Kombi Kwiz .... the winners ... fortunately in some ways ... the Danbury gang - well done. Matt will no doubt treat his '59 Splitscreen to a coating of the Meguiars Gold Class Wax. Smile


1.        What is the exact cubic capacity of a Watercooled BraziBay? 1390cc

2.       What is the Brazilian name for the panel van version of a BraziBay? Furgao

3.       What is the name of the district of Sao Paulo where the Kombi is built in Brazil? Sao Bernado do Campo

4.       What 4 features did the special edition Prata model have to celebrate the end of the aircooled engine over a regular Kombi? Point for each. Tinted glass, black bumpers and headlight surrounds and silver paintwork.

5.       How many Kombis does VW do Brasil produce daily? 251


1. The Bay Window was introduced in late 1967. By what percentage was the view increased by out of the front window over its predecessor the Splitscreen? It was 27% larger

2. How much did a Danbury elevating roof cost in 1970? £120

3. In which month of 1949 did the first VW T2 roll off the production line? November

4. What German word is the term Kombi short for? Kombinationskraftwagen

5. When production ends in December, how many years would VW have produced a rear engined vehicle for? 78 years


1. What's the name of the 2006 film starring Steve Carell that features a yellow T2 Bay? Little Miss Sunshine

2. In Back To The Future what nationality are the villains driving the Bay that are after Doc Brown? Libyan

3. Which famous member of The Who bought a New T2 from Danbury in recent years? Pete Townshend

4. What's the name of the band sitting in this VW Kampers Kombi?
kombi - Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers 1dvwk10
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1 Direction

5. A red watercooled BraziBay featured in an episode of Dr. Who played by Matt Smith – what was the name of the Kombi? Ruby

Max SportsKombi - The Bay Racer Wink

kombi - Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers Melogo11
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Kombi Kwiz 2013 - Questions and Answers
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