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 KOMBI Sleepover 2013: my thanks

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PostSubject: KOMBI Sleepover 2013: my thanks   kombi - KOMBI Sleepover 2013: my thanks EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 10:21 am

So, it's Monday morning, the sun is shining outside, my Kombi is unpacked and staring at me through the window and I'm reflecting on the last few days ….. WOW …. what an awesome weekend!! You guys are just incredible – thank you for making this year's KOMBI Sleepover such a roaring success. I've said it before and I say it again now, the people that we have on this forum and who drive for hundreds of miles to get together are just the best – I can genuinely say that I have made some great friends simply by owning my BraziBay.

I would like to say some thank-yous – particularly to those who may not obviously have been involved but without whose input the Sleepover wouldn't have been what it was.

The team who run Anita's: Anita, Ken and Dave – they are so welcoming, they run a terrific site with perfect facilities for our get-together and they have to take some stick from a minority of their other clients when we effectively take over their campsite. Thank you guys – see you next year.

My mate Paul who runs his own lighting and disco company: he gave us some very expensive kit to run the entertainment system for the Sleepover at a hugely discounted price. Thanks Paul.

Just Kampers and VW Heritage for their generous gifts of prizes. Thank you guys.

Eurobroid for supplying the terrific club clothing that was either won at the BraziBay Fair or helped to raise our incredible total of £1165 for Cancer Research at Scooby's Auction. Many thanks. for supplying the event stickers. Nice one guys.

Discount Banner Printing for supplying our 2 new large vinyl banners – they're awesome.

My team of moderators for their continual support and dedication: Nick, Steve, John – you're the best.

The Danbury team: thank you for the generous auction item of a free service, which raised £200, and for getting involved – the line up of new T2s was lovely and we very much enjoyed your company. Loved the Sat night outfits – or do you always dress like that at the weekends?! Thank you.

Paul and Lucy Brand: Not only did Paul offer a comprehensive checkover as part of the auction, Lucy was painting children's faces and all the proceeds went into the charity box. Thanks guys.

Ian Harris and Dave Grayson from VW Kampers: the Mega-Slide was a continuous success throughout the whole weekend and kept not only our kids very happy but also a good proportion of the other children staying at Anita's. We asked for a donation of £1 per child per day from the other campers and they all thought that was a bargain! Ian was gutted to not be able to attend but he followed the weekend via our Facebook page. He sent his own Classic Bay 'Marigold' along with Dave and his family – freshly restored, her Marino Yellow paintwork looked terrific. Thank you.

Neil and Gaby from Litesteer: it was great that you guys could come along and meet more of the BraziBunch and get a feel of what we're about and how we enthuse over our Kombis, thanks also for the auction item of a half price fitting – very generous. See you next year.

To all of our club members who held a stand at their BraziBay: butten, kiteman, lilyvdub, beakyboy, Absinthe, Scooby and Irishman – thank you – the BraziBay fair went down a storm and I think next year we need more! The treats available on lilyvdub's BraziBuns stand were simply delicious and along with flowers donated by jill helped add in £170 to our charity total. Wonderful!

Dazdub and Claire: they supplied the rope for the tug-o-war and the pillow cases for Sports Day: both events of which were stormed through by the Aircooled contingent. We won't mention the rounders result …. ahem. Thanks for keeping an eye on the Mega-Slide too – thanks daz.

Finally, to everyone who came along and made the weekend such fun. Everyone seemed to get on so well and I'm already looking forward to next year's Sleepover – what on earth can we do to better 2013? I guess we'll need to start thinking about it soon!

Heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you all,

Tim Basketball

Max SportsKombi - The Bay Racer Wink

kombi - KOMBI Sleepover 2013: my thanks Melogo11
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KOMBI Sleepover 2013: my thanks
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