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 Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013

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Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013 Empty
PostTales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013

Here's where folks who went on the Kontinental Kaper 2013 can tell you about the trip from their individual perspective. Cool 

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Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013 Melogo11
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Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013 :: Comments

JLS 62
Re: Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013
Post Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:46 am by JLS 62
OK guys I am going to start the ball rolling. Having caused a stir everywhere we went my favourite reaction was at the port on the way home.  Marcus was in the line first to board the ferry followed by us.  Weather gorgeous, windows down and we were called forward - as we passed the chap on our right I heard him say 'look, there's two,' - referring to Marcus and us as we passed him. I leant over and said 'actually there's ten.'  His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Tales Of The Kombi Kaper 2013

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