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 The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks.

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kombi - The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks. Empty
PostSubject: The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks.   kombi - The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks. EmptyMon May 15, 2017 3:51 pm

So I'm sitting here on the sofa, rain chucking it down outside, with a contented feeling that as a club, we once again had a fabulous weekend together.  It really does make me feel good that we're more like a large family rather than a group of enthusiasts who happen to just be connected by one type of vehicle.  But of course that is our common thread and look where it has gotten us!!  I did lose 'sleep over' this year's show somewhat but I needn't have done because I know that whenever our lot get together, it's simply a good time.

So I want to express my thanks:

Tallulah (Keith, Serena and Oli,) beakyboy (Steve, Jo and Holly,) Scooby (John and Sharon,) and my son BenV for all their involvement in shaping, preparing and running the show.  I simply couldn't do it without you guys.

Harryhornet (Tony, Gina and Charlie) for planning, organising and running the BraziBay Dog Show - it's a lovely relaxed and light-hearted way to wake up after a serious bit of partying the night before!  Thank you again guys.

Dazdub (Daz and Claire) for coming along on the Thursday to help build the show and for being up for anything - particularly the Driving Skills comp!!

Absinthekombi (Martin and Alison) both for their sponsorship of the Silent Rave kit and the Driving Skills Comp.  You guys always get heavily into whatever theme we go for and your support is always outstanding.

Als (Angela and Gary) for hosting the Bring and Buy sale with fresh coffee on hand in their new Eriba!

greenjc90 (Julie and Keith) - for your help with building the show and keeping everyone fed on Friday with bacon rolls and cake bars!!

To MarcusH (Marcus and Alison) for supplying the stickers and T-shirts.

My mates Dan and Larne for their help with transporting me, Max and much of the kit required to run the show and for their help with the build.

To Joe and Becky who own and run Ashgrove Farm and allow us to hold our event there.

To Ian and the crew at Brazilian Kampers for their sponsorship of the PA and lighting kit that realised our Space theme and provided the soundtrack to our weekend.

To Paul Brand, Danbury, Mad Matz, Adrian Flux, Camperjam, Funky Leisure, St. Andrews Motor Co., and Spaceroofs for their generous contributions to our pre-show online auction.

To Dickymint1972 (Richard, Sarah, Zoe and Luke) for providing the roasted marshmallows.

To Eclipse (Martin and Sam) and Sazzle ( Dan and Sarah) for being real sports and taking part in Play Your Cards Right.

To all those who stunned us with their entertainment in BraziBays Got Talent: eddy (Josh and Eddy,) Happyhouse (Micky) Surfwagen Stan/URmysunshine girls (Tabby and Sara) and the Firebird girls (sorry forgotten your names!!)

To everyone that took part in the Driving Skills Course - it proved a real spectacle for the crowd - when do you see a BraziBay drifting on any regular day?!!

To everyone who bought a ticket for our raffle.

And finally simply to you if you came along and were present at our event - I'm thrilled you chose to join us.

Until next year.  Very Happy

Max SportsKombi - The Bay Racer Wink

kombi - The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks. Melogo11
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The KOMBI Sleepover 2017 - my thanks.
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